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Cable & Chip installation       
Se FAQ for common questions.

You need to follow these steps before you can use StokerKontrol.

The chip for burner

You need to make sure that your program chip is at least 4.06. If it is smaller, you need to buy a higher version. Contact your local NBE reseller.
You can also send an email to for buying a new chip.
The chip is installed by lifting the existing chip gently with a screwdriver. Take notice of in which direction the gap is pointing and mount the new chip in the exactly same way.

The chip for serial communication

You need to install the RS232 chip. This chip makes sure that your computer can communicate with the burner through the serial interface. This chip is also just pressed gently into the burner.
The chip is mounted with the gap pointing upwards, when the burner is standing with the text on the display upwards.
If you have a Boink burner, you need to mount the chip with the gap pointing in the direction towards the serial socket.

The cable form your burner to your computer

On the boink burner you just attach the cable to socket on the burner. The other end is connected to your computer.

For Scotte, Bio Comfort or the Woody burner you need a 9 legged serial jacket for your computer and you need to attach three wires to the burner.

You need to attach the wires like this: (the shown numbers are the numbers on the computer not the socket)

Leg 5 - is attached to GND on the burner.
Leg 3 - is attached to RX on the burner.
Leg 2 - is attached to TX on the burner.

A digram showing the leg numbers on the computer jacket (not the cable jacket) is shown below.

The serial socket on the computer

Most desktop computers already have a serial socket. On laptops however, the socket is not always present. If this is the case you can buy a USB-Serial converter cable for 150-250 DKK.

Okay - everything is mounted how do I test it?

You can use HyperTerminal which is installed on all Windows computers. You need to connect with these parameters: baudrate=9600, stopbit=1, databit=8, parity=none, flow control=none. You can then write Z000000 - Z with 6 zeroes followed by enter - and will get a lot of numbers shown on the screen if everything is working. (please note, the characters you type are not shown)

Another easyer way to test it is just to start StokerKontrol and configure the port. If it is working you will see the status information being updated.